this is my first time I try to write in english language , Marwa is the name of my teacher teaching us listening she is so cute and kind when  she tells us (go ahead ,yes you can  speak english when u make a mistake you will learn )  thanx miss marwa:) smile

today I met the most beautiful girl in Asoso lalla mona heartI was so happy when I see her she is so boon.. I walk with her a few minets but it was the best time in my day


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  1. Lalla Mona Says:

    وه ياقلبي يانااااث عليكي و الله انتي اللي تجنني حتى انا مررره اتبسطت اما شفتك

    الله يوفقك و يسعدك يارب ولا تنسي تدعيلي في الحرم (اهم دعوه حقت الزوج المزه ترى ههههه)


  2. Abdullah Says:

    good luck Rose i think you will be (teghardeen) english in no time .

    ( this is .. not these is ) lol

  3. هذيان Says:

    Go ahead girl

    😀 😀
    wonderful beginning
    if you keep practice
    and try to learn at least 5 new words everyday, believe me you will be able to make it soon
    ya it takes some time
    but it worth that
    believe me 🙂
    wish u the luck with the new lovely language 😀

    * darling you have some spelling mistakes in the post, yet it’s very normal because you have just started 😀

  4. الناقد Says:

    I wish you all the best

  5. Rose Says:

    ياهلا منو
    الله يبسطك دايم يارب تسلميلي 😳
    امشي في الجامعة واتوقع اني اقابلك 😛
    الله يرضى عليكي و ينولك مرادك
    ولا يهمك ديعتلك لما رحت 😀 لا تفوتي الفرصة الحرم فاااااضي وتطوفي براحتك 🙂


    I will do my best
    I corrected the mistake in that word


    thanx sweety
    I try to learn alot of words everyday
    I will do my best


    al naqed

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